Happy the Dragon
It's time to light the candle!  This birthday interactive card is showing Happy the Dragon Polymer stamps from TLCDesigns.shop lighting a candle for real!  On a greeting card!  With the help of the EZ lite battery pack and LED light system
Yep!  It's Happy the Purple dragon with his pink party hat!  He's carrying the LED and battery pack EZ light product on the top of his birthday candle!  Set inside the Celebrate Frame die from TLCDesigns.shop it's the perfect bow tie ocassion for your next celebratory greeting card make!
Happy the Dragon stamp is in purples and pinks on this DIY background designed greeting card project with the Oval Lily die cut frame from TLCDesigns.shop
Happy the Dragon Polymer stamps from TLCDesigns.shop is front and center on this DIY background lime green paper pack!  Holding as many heart shaped balloon as possible to wish you a great birthday!
TLC Inspired Designs, LLC

Happy the Dragon

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This 4" x 3" stamp is a cuteness OVERLOAD!  This 7 set stamp set has everything Happy you could imagine needing for your next Birthday, Anniversary, hello or hi project!  Happy is reaching out to catch or hold onto something and ready to share it with you everyone!  

Dress up with a party hat or a bow tie or celebrate with a bouquet of endearingly heart shaped balloons!  Either way, it's right for every ocassion!

First in a set of 3 Polymer stamp sets of equal adorableness and other extra stamps to share between the Dragon friends.  Dragon Baby Greetings digital stamp set with it's outrageous number of sentiments coordinates with Happy as well.  More stamping fun with friends!  Collect all 4 and make a dragon scene of your own! 

 High quality photopolymer clear stamps, use with an acrylic block