Celebrate Sprinkles
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Celebrate Sprinkles

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Sprinkles are EVERYTHING!  Don't you agree?  Celebrate Sprinkles EXCLUSIVELY available at TLC Designs is hand mixed to perfectly coordinate with the Celebrated Times Papers so your next project will be effortless! 

It's a Tlbs. of sweetness with clay feathers and swirled dots, perfect glitter pieces that coordinate and coral flower pieces!  That's just not enough, however, I mixed those wonderful little bits with white crinkles!  All of this is combined with some bits of brown glitter baubles and placed inside the daintiest acrylic storage jar with a twist off lid!  No spills here!

Once you've used up your sprinkles, this container is sure to store some of your other craft room items like buttons, bows, brads etcc!  Use it for lotion, lip balm or anything you want!  It's very feminine and makes for a perfect desk top decor!

Sprinkles at TLC Designs are One Of A Kind and you will get a Tlbs. in each jar!