Delicate Poinsettia Stamps
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Delicate Poinsettia Stamps

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TLCDesigns is bringing in the winter season with the much anticipated polymer stamp set called "Delicate Poinsettia Stamps".  Just as we await the season to bring us this annual delicacy of floral loveliness, this stamp set gives us all of the movement, color and texture we love in the poinsettia!

Create masks and layer them to create a bouquet as a focal point OR just design the edge of your project with one of the flower designs.  

These stamps were specially designed to make layering extremely easy.  They have marker edges that are designed to line up your next layer stamp perfectly!  Stamp your lightest color with the largest leaf and lightly mark your "Points" with pencil.  Then when it's time to add your next darker layer of this leaf, you have the ability to perfectly line the stamp up!  NO MORE GUESSING!!!  Get it perfect EVERY TIME!

TLC Designs is the innovator of this special "POINT" system and will make creating your next layered project fun and SIMPLE!

19 stamps all together including two sized leafs and two different petal arrangements.  There's also the inside of the flower petal stamen stamps to finish off the project perfectly!

High quality photopolymer clear stamps, use with an acrylic block.

Exclusive and Custom designed by Tammy Louise Cunliffe.