Land and Sea Dies
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Land and Sea Dies

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Why buy 5 different dies?  Whether your project scene is on the land or in the sea, this is the die set for every reason!  Picture the hill filled landscape, lush grassy picnic place and in the background there are some sweet little delicate 3D mushrooms!  Build the mushroom up with multiple colors of stock and your project comes to life!   

Or, create an ocean and/or sandy beach scene with the wind blown waves in the backdrop and the sandy beach in front!  

With the extra die for outlining the mushrooms, put some green in the background and build the mushrooms in browns and then pop those little extras in any color!  3D building with dies gives you the most opportunity to build a SPECTACULAR project!

 Custom Designed by Tammy Louise Cunliffe

This die is a perfectly sized for A2 card either vertical or horizontal and will create a fun background or layered topper.

Thin metal dies perfect for all your card making projects.  Required a die cutting machine.