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I promise to introduce you to them . . .
Just a Few Things first . . .
I know you've all been waiting so patiently for your first look at the first Design Team! I want to thank each and every one of the applicants for their interest in my brand and undeniable talents!
There were more than 70 applications! I was taken aback with such overwhelming interest. It is truly heartwarming!
I'm sure you know how difficult a decision this always is but I want to say something about that briefly. This industry has seen such a enormous change in the past few years and the artists responsibilities have had to adapt to these changes as well as the stores selling the product!
A successful store MUST have a team of designers that are not only educated in blogging, but now they must have YouTube, IG, Pinterest and FB knowledge! Also, the understanding of the importance of a companies SEO, meta tags on photos and Alt text too! It is not a simple thing anymore to succeed in this industry! So many many stores are closing because it is a whole new world out there and it is not for the faint of heart!
The importance of designing interesting projects and taking decent photos of them, like we did 10 years ago, is still there! However, now we need artists that are not only talented, and inventive, but brave enough to put themselves out there on camera and show us how to use the products!
They are expected to stage their projects in pics with product in order for that product to stand out! They are even asked to work together on color consistent backgrounds so the stores IG account will seem coordinated and flow well for the Tribe it's trying to grow! It can be overwhelming!
I won't bore you any longer on the direction our industry has moved to, other than to say, the team I have chosen truly impressed me with their applications! Their knowledge was undeniable, their desire to work with my brand was effectively expressed and their understanding of the requirements to be successful was clearly apparent! Thank you Ladies! I'm excited to get started! Artist Design Team Photo Advertisement for the announcement!

Stay Crafty,

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